Thursday, 20 April 2017

Racked & Ready.... The countdown begins!

Today we saw delivery of all our cask ales and the cask racks thanks to Irvings & Co Brewers & The Botley Brewery and Upham Brewery for their prompt deliveries. Our normally mundane Park Room was transformed into a 24 cask super bar within 2 hours. We had a great team today who volunteered their time to get the racks built and loaded.

The spiling was completed and there was a bit of spray from the more lively barrels (ceiling painting may be in order again this year and I think dear reader, as it was my barrel that decided to spray, it will be me doing the painting!) Must say a huge thank you to the Delme Arms and The Wicor Mill pubs for supplying us with the spiles as otherwise it couldn't have happened!

Tomorrow is tapping day with Ben from Upham Brewery who has kindly offered his time to do this for us. I'm sure there will be no more ceiling or wall spraying from this professional!

I left the Community Centre today smelling like a back street pub thanks to some lively casks which shall remain nameless, but apparently beer is good for the hair so I wont complain too much! I can't wait to sample a few of these from a glass on Saturday.

The Prosecco Bar canopy is now finished and ironed and ready to be fitted tomorrow. I have it on great authority that there are some bottles chilling from tonight.

We will have a limited amount of evening tickets available on the door on Saturday so if you are still undecided about coming, you may well be lucky enough to get one. Failing that the Community Centre will be open tomorrow and Friday as usual to take cash, cheque or card transactions for ticket sales and don't forget we can now also take card payments over the phone.

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